Mapping the Migration of Gesture
Locating the Body in Digital Encounters


Mapping the Migration of Gesture will be a performance installation series designed by Milwaukee-based choreographer, Maria Gillespie and Los Angeles-based collaborators Nguyễn Nguyên and Erik Speth. Their installations will be performed in various locations throughout Milwaukee in Spring/Summer 2016. These performances will experiment with movement, sound, and new media as forum to investigate the slippage between the material and the ephemeral. Mapping Migrations stems from a long-term project, Translating Metaphor Through Embodiment that Gillespie began as a UWM Global Studies Fellow dedicated to understanding how we make meaning through the synthesis of verbal and embodied languages. In this series, she narrows in on the reciprocal nature of the body and environment within interdisciplinary practices and new media collaborations.

Gillespie will work with colleagues from LA and MKE as well as colleagues and students from UWM in dance, music, and digital studio practices to create performance installations that question and re-imagine the possible forms of visual representation as physical inscription of ideas. The choreographic and digital methods designed inquire where meaning is constructed: in the body, in the environment, or in the witness. Performances explore embodiment and technology to question and invent where knowledge is formed, stored, and communicated. Do gestures show you what you already know or might they draw a new map for understanding presence? This interdisciplinary project culminates in performances dedicated to investigating corporeality, interactive methods, and digital interfaces to relocate the body within and outside our cultural habits.

Collaborating Artists

Choreography, Direction, Design:
Maria Gillespie, Nguyễn Nguyên (Los Angeles), Erik Speth (Los Angeles),

Timothy Russell

Media Design and Engineering:
Erik Speth, Dylan Bernard, Nathaniel Burks

Caroline Seigworth, Hannah Drake, Maggie Seer
Dan Schuchart, Devin Settle, Joelle Worm
Maria Gillespie, Nguyễn Nguyên, Erik Speth



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